Mission Statement:

The goal of Promise To Humanity is to gather all of society to recognize the severity of COVID-19 and make a promise to follow all guidelines in the efforts of slowing the spread of the virus around the world.

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"We Want People To make A PROMISE That They Will follow all safety measures in order to save lives."

Promise To Humanity - Adam and Josh Buchwald

The Project



Two brothers Adam and Josh Buchwald from Parkland, FL have taken the initiative to create the organization Promise To Humanity to ensure that individuals will not only make a promise to themselves, but for others in the effort to social distance! Both brothers noticed that many people were not taking social distancing measures seriously. It was observed that people were in large crowds, going to see their friends, and spreading the virus uncontrollably. With that said, both brothers took action and made it clear that it's time to make a global movement to let people know to take these safety guidelines seriously. In our movement, we urge individuals to make a promise and sign a contract vowing to wear a mask, wash their hands, and practice social distancing. Everyone, make a promise to humanity!

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